All aspects of PM Part and application in automotive industries will be discussed, notably:

. Powders and Raw Materials
. Compacting Techniques and Equipment
. Sintering process and Furnace
. Powder Forging
. Metal injection molding
. Additive Manufacturing
. Secondary and Finishing Operations ( Heat Treatment, Plating and Corrosion, Joining Process and Welding, machining and…)
. Application Related Aspects, including: application in Engines and Transmissions, Car Body, etc.
. Computer Simulation of Service loading Conditions
. Future Prospects for PM Parts in a Changing Environment (Zero Emission Vehicles,  New Legislation… )
(Topics are including all PM Alloying Systems : Ferrous – Alloy steels – New Alloying Systems – Cu Base – Al Base – Refractory Metals – PM Composites)
– 3D Printing


PM Tools for producing automotive components:

. Hard-Metals
. PM tool Steels
. Diamond Tools


Characterization and testing:

. Applications (Structural and Functional)
. New Drivetrain Systems
. Economical Aspects